FEATURED ARTICLE: Sustainability at St. Thomas Aquinas College

2016-03-28 12.33.44 (1)


Sustainability is the process by which humans look for ways to be more environmentally friendly.

As humans, we are actively looking for ways to keep our planet clean and safe. Here, at St. Thomas Aquinas College, we are also looking for ways to obtain that goal.  Some of the ways that the college is obtaining this goal are:


Online or hybrid classes. Instead of all classes being on campus and having students bring in assignments on paper, professors are having them submit them online.


The solar-powered charging tower. Students can now charge their phones with solar power as opposed to them having to use electricity.


Delivering The Thoma online. Now, the Spartan community can get its news online. This saves paper and an enormous amount of money on ink.


Water refill stations.  Our water fountains now have a station to refill water bottles as opposed to buying a new bottle every time somebody finishes one.



These are only some of the ways that St. Thomas Aquinas College is going eco-friendly.  There are many more ways that they are achieving this goal and there will be many more ways in the future as time progresses. This is part of a plan to make the college more sustainable to the environment and more convenient for everybody.  

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