Letter From the Editor in Chief

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Dear readers,

It’s that time in the semester when club leaders begin to think about the next group of students who plan on keeping their club traditions alive.

With more students interning and working, on-campus activity leaders are getting harder and harder to come by. While many may think that the impact of these positions is trivial, employers look for students who have taken an interest in the activities and societies available to them at their school. I’ve been fortunate enough to go on multiple interviews, all in which one of the main topic of discussion were my leadership positions within the clubs and activities  offered at my school. A potential employer may look for someone, who like them, joined the business club or was part of a volunteer group while in school.

Leadership, time management, and school pride are all great attributes that will not only enhance your resume, but also enrich your life skills and emotional intelligence. I highly recommend taking charge on campus, getting involved in a club, and allowing yourself to assume responsibility by joining your club’s executive board!

Interested in serving on the Thoma Executive Board next semester?? Email Jgrillo12@stac.edu! We are looking for students who wish to carry out the Thoma tradition for the 2016-2017 school year.

Kind regards,

Jeanine Grillo

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