Ever Think To Be Thankful For The Ones That Hurt You?

By Sabrina Salvesen

Most of the time we’re reminded of all the positive things we’re thankful for. Family, friends, a blessed lifestyle… But has anyone ever thought to also be thankful for the people who have hurt us? Sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it? Well allow me to further explain. While I will always be thankful for a loving family, genuine friends, and a wonderful life, I’m also thankful for the people in my past. Both good and bad.

Many people will walk in and out of your life. Some are cruel and mean. Some are genuine and sincere. You will meet people who help create memories worth holding onto for a lifetime. You will meet people who turn their back on you in times of need. Some will lift you up and make you stronger. Some will hurt and break you in ways you never imagined. Regardless of their role in your life, together they all share one thing in common. They each carry a purpose. A purpose to teach you an important lesson to help you grow. The lessons you take away from those people helps mold you into the person you are today and the person you will become.

If you take a moment and think back to the people from your past and present, whether you may be on good terms or not, they have helped shape you into the person you are today. And for that you should be thankful. While some people in your life weren’t meant to be permanent and it can be painful to let them go, take away what you’ve learned from them. Appreciate the time you were together and hold onto the good memories, but don’t hold onto the negative feelings it may leave behind. It takes a lot more energy to hate someone than to forgive them and move on.

Life is like a story, and the people you meet are the characters. Some characters are minor, some are major. Some are the heroes, some are the villains, but regardless of what role they play, they’re all key components to the story.

I’m thankful for everyone who has ever been part of my story. Good and bad. Why? Because I’m proud of who I am and I am beyond happy about where my life is currently, and who knows if I would be where I am today without those people. So thank you to everyone and anyone who has ever played a role in my life. You have each taught me lessons I will never be able to learn about inside a classroom and for that I’m thankful!

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