Are the Wildcats Back?

high school musical


Disney Channel’s hit romantic comedy/drama television movie, High School Musical (HSM), is coming back with a fourth installment. There have been rumors for years after the third movie, which premiered in 2008, that there would be a HSM 4, and it is finally happening.

This new movie will sadly not feature the original cast. According to, it would be quite difficult to convince viewers that the cast is still in high school and are of high school age. Many are quite skeptical of watching the new movie because they are not sure if the new movie will be as enjoyable without the original cast.


Peter Barsocchini, writer of all three previous HSM movies, will be one of the original writers in the new movie. Back in January, HSM celebrated its 10-year anniversary of its first movie. The cast, minus Zac Efron who played Troy, had a reunion on Disney Channel talking about their favorite memories and scenes. The date for the fourth movie has not yet been released, and they are still looking for new cast members.
If you want to audition and be a part of this new movie, go to  and they will keep you updated on cast calls.

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