Featured Article: STAC Students Prepare to Discuss Their Incredible Internship Experiences



STAC the Deck: Leveraging Internships for Success is a very exciting event

coming up for STAC students.

This event will entail six current students that will

speak about their amazing internship experiences. This event is open to all students

and will benefit everyone who comes! The speakers will cover everything about

their internships and share tips on how to get an amazing internship that could

potentially turn into a great career! Some of our speakers already landed awesome

jobs from their internships and they will be able to tell you all about that process as


Our speakers are going to be, Connor Durkin who is working with ESPN,

Jenna Hutchins who writes for The Rockland County Times, Samantha Rosenthal

who is an editor for Popstar Magazine and worked with Teen.com and Popmania,

Inc, Meagan Jaskot who has interned for Disney but now is working for

Dreamworks, Pamela Rodriguez who works with the NFL, specifically with the New

York Jets and Lauren Morales who is working at Sports Illustrated.

Our event will take place on Thursday, March 3 from 7:00-8:30pm. Once the

speakers are finished, we will have a Q&A session and networking mixer from 8:30-

9pm where you will get the chance to have one on one discussions with any of the

speakers that may spark your interest. Following the mixer, we will have a raffle

that offers great prizes! From celebrity signed merchandise to gift cards to your

favorite restaurants, these prizes are ones that you won’t want to miss! Did I

mention there’s going to be free light refreshments as well!?


STAC The Deck is planned by the CA 322 Public Relations and Event Planning

class. They are learning about Public Relations by throwing this event for the

students and faculty. They are hands on in putting this event together and they are

involved in every aspect of it. It’s a learning experience for everyone involved and

we hope it will be one for the students who come as well!

This will be an amazing event that will leave you inspired and wanting to go

out there and get your dream internship! You will get pointers and tips straight from

experienced speakers who are willing to teach you everything they know about

successfully getting an internship. Stay tuned to STAC’s Twitter and Facebook pages

for event details and updates, as well as keeping an eye out for a Snapchat takeover

from the speakers! Hope to see you there!

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