CAREER ADVICE: Ways to Tell if your Interview Went Well

interview pic



Interviews are nerve wracking and can stir up multiple emotions. What if I get the job? Will I like the company? Will I be called back? And, most importantly, how did my interview go?!

Interviewers can be hard to read. They are trained to be interested and kind to all interviewees that walk through the door. A seemingly wonderful experience can quickly turn sour when it ends with a rejection call or email. You may be wondering if you could have predicted the loss instead of anticipated a win. Here are some signs that might help you out:


  • The interviewer is interested in your resume. When someone is highly interested in hiring you, you will notice that the questions asked relate directly to your experience. For example, “I see here that you learned valuable excel skills at your internship at ABC Company, care to elaborate on what you learned?” This is a good indicator that the interviewer is aware of your past employment history and is interested in learning more.
  • They are in agreement with your opinions. If the interview is going more like a positive conversation instead of an interrogation, you are on the right path. Interviewers want a discussion. The ability to relate with the views of someone who works at the company shows confidence and a person that will fit in with the culture of the firm.
  • A long interview is a strong interview. Companies are aware that time is money, and they will not keep you an excessively long time if they feel they will not be hiring you. Each interviewer should be giving you a solid 30 minutes. Any less than that may be an indication of rejection.
  • They give you a tour of the office. A long, positive interview combined with an office tour is a strong indicator that an offer will be heading your way.

In the end, even if the answer is no, keep looking! It is much better to be in a job where you are wanted and valued than in a company that fails to see your many skills and potential.

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