The Thomist

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Our main goal is to cover as many campus events as possible in order to show the very best of STAC and have a wide variety of photos to use for the yearbook, which comes out in June. The club meets every other week for only about 15 minutes. You can either join the Thomist as a club or enroll in it for a single class credit.

President: Courtney Gray

Assistant Editor: Sean Feeley

Meeting Time: We meet in the Thoma/ Thomist office. Our time has typically been 4 pm every otherThursday, but that is subject to change at the moment.


For Credit OpportunityIf you take yearbook for credit, requirements are; cover at least three events with a camera, and create at least one page in the yearbook. If a person doesn’t have a camera and they still want to join for either credit or non-credit, you will be set up to do graphic design work.


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