The Thoma Staff

Editor in Chief: Celine Grajo


Celine is an art therapy major in her senior year. She is a member of the Art Therapy club and hopes to one day have her own practice, working with clients to overcome their mental illness. Celine has been EIC since Fall 2016.

Writer: Jumana Khatib


Jumana is a senior, majoring in biology. She runs for STAC’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams, and is the oldest of five children.

Writer: Victoria Moussot

Photo on 3-3-17 at 1.59 PM (1)

Victoria is a Medical Technology major in her sophomore year. She is a member of the Spartan Volunteers, Random Acts of Kindness, and Alpha Phi Omega. Victoria is also musically inclined, able to play the piano and violin.

Past Editors in Chief

1969 -Patricia Kightlinger and Laura Cronan

1970 – Patricia Kightlinger and Laura Cronan

1971 – Judi Lauber

1979 – Kathy Culhane

1980 – Bill Madden

1981 – Randi Adler

1982- Lisa Arcella and Rose Nappi

1983 – Vin Crapanzano

1985 – Brenden Stewart

1986 – Suzanne Mallozzi

1987 – Jane DeNoyelles and Deborah Stewart

1988 – Jill Steeley

1989 – Daniel King

1990 – Daniel King

2002 – Alison Tallman

2003 – Jonathan Conjuangco

2004- Melissa Marin

2005 -Melissa Marin

2006 – Adam Di Cola

2007 – Jessica Liss

2008 – Kaitlyn Giroux

2009- Kaitlyn Giroux

2010 – Emily Hough

2011 – Emily Hough

2012 -Kate Blumberg

2013- Kate Blumberg

2014 – Kat Baumgartner

2015 – Jeanine Grillo (Introduced the online edition!)

2016 – Celine Grajo

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