STAC Odyssey Writers

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St. Thomas Aquinas College offers students the chance to be professionally published on the online millennial publishing platform known as The Odyssey. Interested in joining the team? Click here to apply.

The current team is as follows:   *Click on their pictures to read and follow their work!*


Toni Ann Buchalski is a STAC alum. from the class of 2016 and a previous writer for the Thoma.


Amanda Bohlman is a STAC alum. from the class of 2016 and a musical theater fan.


Ariana Carpentieri is a Junior and the current Editor in Chief of the Thoma.


Kayla Farley is a Sophomore and the current Deputy Editor for the Thoma


Claudia Dorcely is a Junior and a lacrosse student athlete.


Christopher Jonas is a Senior and a tennis student athlete.


Gianna Pisano is a Sophomore and a writer for the Thoma.

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Jason Dore is a STAC Alum. from the class of 2016 and was an active member of the STAC community.

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Rob Hornberger is a Sophomore student athlete and the Editor in Chief for the STAC Odyssey Chapter.


Kathleen Howell is a Sophomore.