SGA Executive Board


Please contact for more info on joining!

About SGA:
SGA (Student Government Association) works closely with the clubs, classes, and organizations to make sure that student life runs smoothly.  SGA is comprised of all the clubs, classes, and organizations, as well as elected student officials to represent the student body.  SGA consists of:

  1. The Executive Board
  2. The Freshman Class Government
  3. The Sophomore Class Government
  4. The Junior Class Government
  5. The Senior Class Government

The Executive Board handles the day-to-day operations of student life.  The Executive Board runs the monthly General Assembly meetings and hold weekly office hours in order to be accessible to the students.  It consists of members elected by the entire student body who act as the liaisons between the students and the faculty and administration.  The office term runs from January to December. The Board consists of:

  1. The President
  2. The Vice President
  3. The Executive Treasurer
  4. The Executive Secretary
  5. The Executive Chief Justice

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