Gender & Sexuality Alliance


The Gender & Sexuality Alliance (formerly Gay Straight Alliance) is a safe space for all of those of any gender or sexuality. Our goal is to raise awareness about and inspire empathy for sexual minorities.

President- Arianna Sotos
Vice President- Rose Sanchez
Chief Justice- Alex Henning
Positions available: Secretary and Treasurer

Advisors- Dr. Benjamin Wagner and Dr. Stacie Shultz

Meeting Times: Wednesdays at 2:30 biweekly (because we refuse to practice bi-erasure) – First meeting is September 23rd!

Location: TBD

Previous events: “I am more than my gender” which was an informal discussion panel about drag, gender expression and trans topics. Day of Silence to raise awareness for violence against those in the LGBTQIA community.

Resources: ( LGBTIA resources available in Manhattan) (LGBTIA resources in Rockland County) (Queer based suicide prevention 24/7 hotline)


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