Clubs with a ♦ next to their name offer for credit opportunities. Check out the club offerings, and talk to your advisor about enrolling. 

Student Government 


SGA Executive Board

Class of 2020                 Class of 2018

Class of 2017                 Class of 2019

Performing Arts 

The Pajama Game (2) Spring 2012

Laetare Players♦     Spartan Comedy Club      House Band

Urban Spotlight      STAC Singers♦        Stacapella    Triple S Step Team 

Academic Organizations


Business Club        Forensic Science Club        Art Therapy

History Club     Communication Arts     Science Club

Psychology Club        Writing Lab           STAC Scholars

Therapeutic Recreation       Criminal Justice Club

Council for Exceptional Children   Computer Science Club 

Greek Life

10955556_10155122614835641_2069788504945648182_nAlpha Phi Omega          Phi Iota Alpha          Lambda Pi Chi

Special Interests

10357246_10153277676454767_9043223616597351480_n   Commuter Connection   Spartan Volunteers   Gender & Sexuality Alliance

N.E.R.D. Club     The Guild     Random Acts of Kindness    Junto Club

 Dominican Young Adults   Campus Activities Board (CAB)   STAC Ambassadors 

Student Publications

Thoma (Newspaper)♦      Thomist (Yearbook)♦       WSTK (Radio)


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