Smile for a Moment

By Kathryn Cambrea Amidst everything going on in your life, I want to remind you to take the time to think about just one thing: yourself. Am I aware that this sounds cliché? Absolutely. Now more than ever, people are encouraged to love themselves. However, I frequently observe people growing overwhelmed, stressed, and disheartened about … Continue reading Smile for a Moment

Who is Alex Trebek?

By Katie Bertussi This Canadian-born pop culture icon charms an audience of over 25 million people every night, makes an annual salary of $10 million, and holds the Guinness World Record as the longest-running television game show host in history. If you are familiar with Jeopardy!’s reverse question-answer format, you just may have guessed: Who … Continue reading Who is Alex Trebek?

Man Plows into Family of Eight at Garnerville 7-Eleven

By Bianca Eugene What first started as a family outing to 7-Eleven quickly became a tragic event, leaving a pregnant Haverstraw mother of six, dead. On Wednesday, February 20th, Jason Mendez, 35, was smoking outside of the convenience store when 32-year-old Shawn DeLoatch, the patriarch of the family, asked him not to smoke in … Continue reading Man Plows into Family of Eight at Garnerville 7-Eleven

STAC Communication Arts Event Receives Sizable Turnout

By Anthony Suarez Approximately 50 people attended St. Thomas Aquinas College’s annual Communication Arts networking event last Tuesday, Feb. 26th. The event, this year titled “Internships: The Ultimate Career Hack,” was held on campus at the Romano Center from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Its purpose was to promote the school’s CA program and give … Continue reading STAC Communication Arts Event Receives Sizable Turnout