How COVID-19 has Affected My Life

By Isabella Szklany


In one single day, the world turned on its axis. College students went from enjoying spring break and being excited to return to campus to now being stuck at home and learning how to adapt to this new normal.

Before, we were all separated by our daily life struggles but still united by school. Now, our everyday concerns are unified. Unified by the phrase that is seen on social media, TV commercials, the news, thruways, and any public spaces: “Stay home, Flatten the Curve.” The curve as in reference to our new fear. The invisible enemy, COVID-19.

No one expected this to happen, and people are still coming to understand this new level of normal. Family members, loved ones, and even distant friends are all being affected by this virus. No one can see it, and although one can take the necessary precautions to stay safe, there is still a chance of getting the virus. With many colleges closing down for the semester, college students across the globe are now being taught remotely.

With the move back home, my focus has become learning a new routine, that still seems so unfamiliar to me. Class is spent from my childhood bedroom on a desk that I have had for almost 15 years. My professors no longer are right in front of me; instead, they stare back at us from a computer screen tucked away in their homes. The longest walk is from my bedroom to my kitchen table for mealtimes, unless I decide to go for a walk. And time is spent on how to keep sane, from working out, to finding the latest movies and TV shows to watch or the next recipe to bake. Nights become a mix of family time and homework, as I try to keep my head above the water.

I sit in my room using FaceTime while my brother is in his room next door at his college. Being at STAC is no longer being on campus, walking from one class to the next, or hanging out in Romano with friends. Now, “being at STAC” is logging in with your class virtually, receiving daily emails from the administration, and trying to stay in contact with friends through any means possible.

Weekends are no longer spent hanging out with friends but instead involve either baking, working out, watching movies, or taking on any project possible. Hanging out with friends is now restricted to text messaging, Snapchat, or multiple video calls a week.

Throughout this all, I have been pretty fortunate. Thankfully my family is staying safe and healthy. We can stay in the comfort of our home and don’t need to go out often. We have reliable internet for class, talking to friends, and watching movies. Plus, I get blessed with the opportunity for a home-cooked meal each night! This crisis is not the best situation. It’s pretty terrible, but it’s important to remember that this situation could be a lot worse, and one has to find the positives in what seems to be this long, never-ending day.

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