STAC students share their favorite medical dramas

By Elena Minardi

*Elena Minardi asked STAC students about their favorite medical dramas. Learn what they said below!

A website called Screen Rant lists the top shows that are currently airing on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

What do you think the top show is? 

“Grey’s Anatomy” – Brittany Lepore, Senior

The Good Doctor” – Stefano Alessi, Sophomore


Here are the top ten shows according to Screen Rant:

  1. E.R.  
  2. Grey’s Anatomy
  3. The Resident
  4. The Good Doctor
  5. New Amsterdam
  6. Chicago Med
  7. The Night Shift
  8. 9-1-1
  9. Casualty
  10. General Hospital


Why do you watch the show? 

“I enjoy watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ because of how immersive the show is from the get go. The first episode throws the viewers into the hustle and bustle of being in a hospital.”  Jade A. Westhoven, Junior

“I enjoy watching ‘The Good Doctor’ because it is full of suspense and drama while watching what goes on in the hospital. We get a close look into the lives of the residents and the respect Dr. Murphy gains throughout the show. He constantly proves to other residents that he is just as capable of doing surgery as the others can. Although he has autism, I just find it really inspiring.” Deanna Patterson, Sophomore


Why do you like the show? 

“I like Chicago Med because it gives viewers an idea of what doctors do during surgery and how they treat their patients in real life.” – Brittany Lepore, Senior

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