Man Arrested On Jail Grounds Just 15 Minutes After Being Released

By Bianca Eugene

Just 15 minutes after being released from St. Lucie County Detention Facility, a Floridian man found his way back into jail after burglarizing cars on the facility’s grounds.
37-year-old Casey Michael Lewis was being held at St. Lucie’s Jail for stealing a vehicle. Funny enough less than 20 minutes after getting out, before even leaving the property, Lewis was seen “…looking into cars and opening the door of a silver vehicle” reports CNN. According to a report, Lewis got into a car, sat in it for almost three minutes then left it, scouring other “unsecured” vehicles in the lot.
While “car hunting,” Lewis was eventually approached and questioned by an officer. CNN reports that according to the affidavit, “he told the officer he was ‘waiting for his girlfriend.’” Lewis was “waiting” for his girlfriend alright with a brown paper bag full of stolen items such as an iPhone, cigarettes and a lighter, more than $500 in cash, a (Florida) driver’s license and a debit card. He was then arrested again on “…charges of burglary, grand larceny and possession of stolen property and taken back inside the jail.”
Lewis was released later the same day. However this time, deputies had someone pick him up.

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