It Is Time for Some Summer Fun!

By Isabella Szklany

Summer, is approaching and with only two weeks left of the semester, it is time to make those summer plans. Thus, I have compiled a list of all the fun activities, that you can do this summer within an hour from STAC.


1. Harriman State Park

Harriman State Park is conveniently located in Rockland County and is only a 25-minute drive from STAC. Visiting the park is the perfect activity if you are short on money and are looking for something inexpensive to do. From tons of great hiking trails to lakes such as Lake Welch that opens on May 25th, there is a bunch of fun activities to keep one occupied.

2. Warwick Drive-In

Although it is a drive, being one hour from Sparkill, the Warwick drive-ins are worth it. With three movie screens, and back to back movies, you can pay for the price of watching one film and can stay for two. Just drive up in your car, and turn your car’s radio to the right station and you can hear it right through the radio, like how it was done in the original drive-in movie theaters. Warwick drive-ins are one of those old classic summer experiences, where you can look at the stars and enjoy a great movie or two!



3. Bellvale Creamery

On your way to Warwick Drive-In, stop at Bellvale Creamery which according to Tripadvisor is the number two ice cream parlor in the United States. Bellvale Creamery is right off route 17A and has a view Bellvale Farms, which stretches to 450 acres. With a bunch of different flavors, such as Calf Trax, S’mores, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Pumpkin in the fall, there is no way that one can wrong.



4. Joseph B. Clarke Rail Trail

This next one on the list is right around the corner from STAC and is in easy walking distance from the school. The Joseph B. Clarke Rail Trail is an asphalt trail that is 4.1 miles long and goes behind the dorms in McNeil’s Commons. This path starts near Dominican College and extends towards Oak Tree Road. Walking this trail is a perfect way to get out in the summer, to get some sun and take a nice long relaxing walk as you get to look around the beautiful surrounding area.

5. New York City

With NYC, so close to the STAC Campus there is no reason to not take advantage of

visiting one of the best cities on Earth. With a ton of activities, at a variety of costs, there is no way to go wrong. From visiting the Statue of Liberty to eating your way through Little Italy, a Broadway show or the Highline, the fun is endless. New York City has so much to do that one can spend weeks in the city and have not seen or done everything possible.



Although these are only five of the best things that one can do within an hour from STAC, this is what can be considered the whole summer experience. From eating great food to spending time outdoors, to a drive-in movie, and a city adventure, there is a whole lot to do, even for those who are budget conscious.Thus, this summer before you go to make your week-long vacations, think of all the fun that you can have practically in your backyard!

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