Time to Unite

IMG_2900By Laura Herbes

The United Way of Rockland County, Rockland’s largest non-profit supporter, is partnering with St. Thomas Aquinas College for the Fall 2018 semester to provide the students of CA 213, Content Development and Public Relations, with the opportunity to conduct social media marketing and public relations in the real world.

As of November 1st, the public relations class has taken on a month long initiative, The STAC Gratitude Tree. You many have seen the leaf stations all around campus, and it is hard to miss the large tree in Romano that gains more leaves everyday. It is with this tree that the students of CA 213 are trying to spread the seeds of giving and gratitude throughout the Rockland Community and the Spartan Family.

Along with The STAC Gratitude Tree, the #UWRGratitudeChallenge has taken off, spreading through all social media accounts. It is with this challenge that the students are trying to bring more awareness to the people of Rockland about the United Way. By saying words of gratitude, and challenging others, the #UWRGratitudeChallenge has come to life, and has shined a light of positivity into a world of chaos.

Both of these campaigns lead up to the big day, November 27th, which is the National Day of Giving, or Giving Tuesday. It is on this day that the students of CA 213 will be hosting a Giving Tuesday event at St. Thomas Aquinas College, in the Romano Student Alumni Center. It will be held from 2pm until 5pm, and people will be able to partake in fun activities and enter in raffles. Most importantly, however, they will take part in an event that will bring awareness to The United Way of Rockland County, and help many people throughout the community.

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