The Monsters of Death

By Laura Herbes

Deep blue waters, salt in the air . . . and garbage on the shores. This is what you find when you go to the beach. Ocean pollution endangers many species everyday, since all pollution eventually ends up in the ocean. Runoff from mountains leads to streams, and streams turn to rivers. These rivers then lead to the ocean, dumping their water to mix with the salty wonders below. All along the way these streams and rivers gather the trash we leave behind, and the chemicals we spill. By the time the rivers reach the ocean, the are no longer a cool, fresh source of nutrients and minerals, but a giant monster of death. We are the monsters of death destroying the homes of thousands.

There are many ways to help prevent ocean pollution. There are beach cleanups along with town cleanups. Even if you do not live near the ocean, cleaning up garbage in your hometown can help, for all pollution leads to the ocean. Using a reusable water bottle or coffee mug will help reduce pollution, and never using a straw again will save many sea turtles . . . along with many other animals.

Wetlands, the kidney of the ecosystems, will filter water from rivers before they enter the ocean; however, wetlands are endangered as well. Their job is to remove pollution, but with the runoff of non-organic farms and all their fertilizers, algae is growing at a much greater rate, causing more and more pollution to enter the oceans. This is just another example at how we are the true monsters of death. Filling the lands with chemicals and garbage leaving no place safe.

The ocean is the largest ecosystem on the planet and we are killing it. Global warming, caused by the burning of fossil fuels and pollution, is increasing ocean temperatures, killing off life forms in the ocean. In some parts of The Great Barrier Reef, 87% of coral life has been lost, and this is just going to continue if we do not change.

Recycle those plastic water bottles, volunteer at clean up events, and do as much as possible to decrease pollution. The lives of thousands depend on it. From the ocean floor to the tides crashing on the shore, pollution is everywhere, and it is time to end the monster of death, and bring life back to the sea.

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