Should There Be More Parking Lot Restrictions On STAC’s Campus?

By Alexa D. Farese

The STAC campus is already busy as is. Whether it is the events that our school hosts that makes the parking lot even more chaotic, or the number of commuters that expect a parking spot throughout the day. Our school parking lot does not have the extra room for residents to park in this lot.

The residents that board in the McNelis Commons and in the Aquinas Village, all have available spots for the sophomores, juniors, and senior’s vehicles. There is no charge to receive a parking pass as a commuter or resident. This parking pass indicates that you are either a commuter or resident. The parking pass is a privilege on our campus. St. Thomas Aquinas College regulates the residents parking on campus. Residents are “not allowed to park their vehicle in any lot on the main campus Monday through Thursday between 8:00 am and 2:30 pm during the academic semesters” (STAC Parking Regulations). As a commuter myself, we should not feel as if we cannot acquire a spot-on campus.

As the weather becomes worse, we can only expect this to happen even more. Less spots are available due to snow, but also because the residents do not want to walk across 340 during bad weather conditions. This is all reasonable, but what about the commuter that travels to the main campus and cannot find a spot because of this? There is a simple fix to this all. Students parking passes need to be checked more frequently.

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