Communication Arts Students Take it to the Next Level

By Stephanie Gorman

Have you ever wondered what can you do with a Communication Arts degree?

On March 1st, from 7p-9p, our very own CA 322 class led by Professor Elaine Winship held Next Level Networking in the Romano Student Art Center to showcase to other students just what it means to major in Communications.

The event featured successful alumni from Saint Thomas Aquinas College who have graduated with degrees in Communications.  Among these alumni were Jeffrey Garcia, Meagan Jaskot, Lauren Morales, and Kelly Russell.

The event speakers have all landed successful careers through networking, which was the main focus of the event.  The speakers shared their personal stories and tips to highlight how they have landed careers or internships with companies such as CNBC Primetime, WABC Eyewitness News, HBO Sports, Sports Illustrated, Disney, New York Spectrum 1, and more.

The speakers gave out great advice on how they landed their current positions.  A reoccurring theme was making the most out of your experience at STAC by connecting with your teachers, they really are there to help.  Another helpful tip was to establish great relationships, for you don’t know where your next opportunity will come from.

Each of the event speakers participated in internships.  Kelly Russell gave great advice to current students stating “always ask questions at your internships.  Ask to shadow different people.  I felt like I was so annoying but I made it clear to everyone that I was there to learn.”  She also said that she believes highly in the power of thank you notes and staying in touch with past connections.

Saint Thomas Aquinas College allows Communication Arts students to build their resumes and portfolios while attending classes.  Interested in television or radio?  Professor Prior’s classes provide students with hands on experience for every role involving these fields.

Interested in Journalism?  Dr. Durney’s classes provide students with journalism writing skills and techniques while understanding the ethics behind the business.

Interested in event planning or public relations?  Social Media Marketing? Professor Winship’s classes provide students with real world experience representing local organizations.

Next Level Networking was just a small look into the world of Communications, but represented the importance and power of networking in landing job opportunities.

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