Springfest – A Refreshing Diversion

By Victoria Moussot
April 24, 2017

With the 70s vibe at this year’s Springfest, peace, love, and happiness were in the air. For approximately 65 years, STAC has hosted this event. This year was kicked by messages from the Primary Sponsors: STACtivities, SGA, WSTK and CAB. There was a huge turnout and hands-on fun was had by all. The class of 2019 helped us get our groove on with do-it-yourself tie-dye shirts. Lots of colorful dyes, rubber bands, and t-shirt twisting was all that was needed to create wearable masterpieces.

Across RSAC, pops could be heard as contestants tested their skill at Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Balloon Darts.I suspect lots of people were practicing their aim and letting off stress as each balloon pop was cheered by onlookers. Erin Albin, APO VP of Service, descried the most memorable thing about Springfest as, “Talking with fellow Spartans about APO and volunteering and just having a good time with other members. APO is a brotherhood for sure and no matter if we are volunteering or socializing we always have fun” and “Overall springfest was a great event that pulled us fellow Spartans together for a few hours of fun!”

In a quirky contradiction, the Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) team ran “Punish the Professor” to benefit charities including People to People Foundation, Trevor Project, The Rockland County Pride, and Child’s Play Foundation. STAC’s own Dr. Wynn, Dr. Wagner, Dr. Schultz, and Dave Eng were great sports. These brave folks endured little humiliations like pies in the face and wearing a onesie and bunny ears, to wager for fun whose charity would get the most donations. Their generosity and spirit were evident to all.

RAK also encouraged students to make complimentary cards for hospitalized children. Many students participated writing messages of goodwill and cheer aimed at bringing a smile to children who need it the most. Brianna Weaver, President of Random Acts of Kindness, stated “I think Springfest is important to the STAC community because it’s a day of fun and recreation just as we get into the most stressful time of the year. It’s a reminder to enjoy yourself when and where you are.”

For those who worked up an appetite from all the actives, the Therapeutic Recreation Club offered a Fun Food Station, where participants got to make their own custom trail mix from delicious choices. Personally, I found it very therapeutic to munch on my bag of goodies. In the spirit of Springfest, the office of Residential Life got into the gardening theme with Flower Pot Painting. The little clay pots were easy to paint, and the perfect size to a plant a few blooms for a Mother’s Day gift. STAC students are definitely a creative bunch of people. The Class of 2018 offered a table of Flower Crown Making. The Art Therapy Club Table created intricate Henna Tattoos. The Class of 2020 had Pie the Hippie.

Although it rained that morning, our happiness was not dampened. Eventually, the sun came out to play. Students let loose, jumping in a bouncy house and playing Frisbee on the lawn. Overall, Springfest was a refreshing diversion before we head off into finals. We may be a small campus but we know how to have a good time.

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