By Celine Grajo
November 21 2016

Never, ever regret dorkyness. More than just an emphatic motto, this statement is a mantra for every poster-hanging, hand-cramping, music-loving, light-sensitive, and sometimes socially-awkward and anxiety-ridden dork yelling at a computer screen. It is dedicated to you, to me, to all of us.

Created four years ago, the NERD club, now run by President Mercedes Morilla and Vice-President Sarah DeGraaf, has been devoted to building self-confidence, game skills, and interpersonal relationships. With no judgment and lots of chips, it is a haven for those who have known the wounds of bullying, and enjoy the unfortunate hilarity of Cards Against Humanity while transforming into vicious and slovenly zombies. In short, once again, NERD club is meant for us all.

“STAC community, you are more than welcome to come join. We don’t bite!” Morilla proclaims. Past events have included the aforementioned Cards Against Humanity and Zombie Run, charity fundraisers for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, a Krav Maga class, Magic the Gathering, and MarioKart on Romano’s projector. A goal for next semester is to take a journey to Jersey for some old-school arcade games. NERD Club meets every Thursday at 5 PM in Costello 104.

If you see someone being bullied, do something. If you are being bullied, we’ll do something. If you are bullying someone, we will be here when you figure out why.

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