Karaoke Night

Karaoke Night
By Celine Grajo
November 20, 2016

Many people love to sing, but some don’t really sing that well. Out of tune, or out of beat, during Sunday’s Karaoke Night, none of that mattered. When you sing karaoke, it’s all about having fun, not about sounding right. The musical brainchild of RA Fabian Mullings, this event was an opportunity to unwind from the stress of tests, papers, and life, in general. Attendance was sparse, yet the conversation and laughter was not. The songs ranged from current pop and rap, to 90’s R&B, to even some classic rock.

Some seemed to be at home on the stage, with friends cheering them on and even coming up to perform with them, while others were nervous, yet, in good spirits, still sang, alongside sounds of encouragement from the crowd. For those who suffer from stage fright or performance anxiety, this carefree tradition is one way to overcome those issues. Another Karaoke Night will happen in the Spring semester, so be sure to come out and have some fun! There will be absolutely no judgment, but there will be snacks!


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