Insight into being a STAC Ambassador



By: Kayla Farley


Being a Spartan ambassador is probably one of the most rewarding jobs at STAC. As an ambassador, your face is one of the first that incoming freshman and transfer students see. You make the first impression on them, and you could be the determining factor on if they decide to come to the school or not.

Also, as an ambassador, you make a lot of friends and connect with different people. A lot of the incoming freshman and transfer students are very friendly and are easy to get along with. These students look up to the ambassadors, and they are depending on them to answer all of the anxious questions they have about their intimidating transition into college. The parents of these children also depend on the ambassadors to ease their worries about sending their children off into the big world of college. It is easier to get the insight from someone of the same age, as we are all going or went through the same transition.

Some of the events that the admissions team and the ambassadors put together are each of the Open Houses, Accepted Students Day, Open Campus Day, different panels consisting of information about different majors, and we also do weekly tours almost every day of the week.

I am an ambassador myself, and I can attest to the fact that being an ambassador is one of the best jobs that I’ve had. I have made so many friends, and I am privileged to live with the satisfaction that I possibly made a difference in someone’s life.

I interviewed ambassador, Melissa Knecht, and asked her some questions about her experience as a STAC ambassador.


Question: What is it like to be an ambassador?

Melissa: I like it because I like to meet possible incoming freshman, show them how good of a school STAC is, and tell them why they should come here.


Question: Is being an ambassador rewarding?

Melissa: Yeah, because you could be the reason why someone made their decision to come here and, as a former senior, I know how difficult that it.


Question: Have you made a lot of friends while being an ambassador?

Melissa: I get to meet students in other classes while being an ambassador, and I can also make connections with incoming students.


Question: Is it difficult to learn all of the information that ambassadors have to teach?

Melissa: For me, no. I tend to retain the information because I like to talk to people, so I just remember it.


Question: Would you recommend someone to be an ambassador?

Melissa: Yes, yes I would.


As you can see, Melissa has nothing but positive things to say about being an ambassador. Working with the admissions team has been nothing but a pleasure, and I can’t wait to spend each semester welcoming new students to STAC, and I could say that on the whole team’s behalf.

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