A Letter From the Editor

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Well Spartans, this is it!

I absolutely loved being Editor in Chief this year, and had the pleasure to get to know all the wonderful writers at STAC. The online, eco-friendly edition has worked out well, and I look forward to seeing it continue. To my E-board, thank so much for all of your help! I know you are all seniors, and I wish you best of luck in all your endeavors. To my writers, keep writing!! It’s such a necessary skill, one that doesn’t get the credit that it deserves.

I’m proud to announce next year’s staff:

Editor in Chief: Ariana Carpantieri
Deputy Editor: Kayla Farley
Copy Editor: Bianca Eugene
Managing Editor: Maya Cuban
Social Media Editor: Nicole Ajibola

They are going to make a great team next year!

Also, check out our Odyssey writers! They publish weekly: https://thethoma.wordpress.com/stac-odyssey-writers/

Thank you to the faculty and administration who were so incredibly supportive of the Thoma this semester. Best of luck Class of 2016! It’s only the beginning!

Kind regards,
Jeanine Grillo

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