Featured Article: On the Center for Academic Excellence



The Center for Academic Excellence offers amazing learning opportunity to all STAC students. The Center gives students the opportunity to learn one-on-one with a peer tutor. The center offers group tutoring as well for students who feel more comfortable doing so. The tutors are able to connect with students and help them succeed in anything they are struggling with.

Susan Kopac is the office assistant there and helps make all the magic happen. She is the go-to woman to make all the appointments, and she can help you find the perfect tutor to help you. She states, “Students who are coming to the CAE get the additional assistance for a subject that might not come as easily as other subjects. We also get many students who request the help of our writing tutors for papers in multiple subjects.” Ms. Kopac also commented on on the greatest reward that comes with working at the CAE. “The greatest reward for me and my tutors is when their tutees come in and tell them how well they did on a test or a paper because they visited the CAE,” she shared. We thank Susan for all of her continued dedication and hard work to help every student that walks through her door.

It is hard enough being a college student and keeping up with all of the difficult work that it comes with it. It takes a special kind of person to take time out of their studies to help others. Nikki Zaidan has been an english tutor for most of her college career, offering her time up to make other students feel cared for. She shared the best part about being a tutor at the CAE. “Oftentimes, when I get a appointments for writing, the students are very uncertain about their work. But, as we get a chance to work together one-on-one, it all comes together and they feel a bit more confident and proud of themselves and their own work. It feels awesome to be a part of that process, because at the end of the day, they realize that they are capable of changing and continuing to improve.”

Nikki also commented on what she has gained from her experience as a tutor. She stated, “it is a treat going to work each day at the CAE, and I’m certainly going to miss it when I graduate! Helping students with papers has allowed me to practice my own editing skills and has inspired me to pursue a career with editing after I graduate.” Nikki is an incredible tutor and we thank her endlessly for her efforts in helping the students around her.

Next time you are struggling on a paper or cannot figure out a math problem, do not be afraid to go to the The Center for Academic Excellence. Everyone who is apart of this incredible center is extremely welcoming and happy to help. We STAC students are so lucky to have a team behind us who truly care for us and want to help us succeed.  

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