Transfer Interview With Student, Jonathan Campana



By Kayla Farley

Transferring from one school to another could be tough, but once you’ve found the right school to transfer to, the process gets so much easier.

A lot of schools are different; you often have to adapt to the ways of the new school that you may be transferring to in order to “survive” throughout your years of college. Luckily, at St. Thomas Aquinas College, transferring is made easy, in fact, one of the college’s mottos are “Everyday is transfer day”, which brings about a sense of comfort for the student potentially transferring to the college. What would be better than hearing a living example of a transfer student explain his process? Probably nothing! That is why I have interviewed recent transfer, Jonathan Campana, who transferred to St. Thomas Aquinas College in the Fall semester of 2015 from Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts. Jonathan is a second semester junior, and he is studying Sport Management.


Question: What exactly was it that drew you to St. Thomas Aquinas College? What made it better than your former college?


Jonathan: What drew my attention was the Sports Management program here. I like the fact that faculty always push you to reach your achievements and goals towards your major. I’ve learned a lot more about my major and its benefits through the coursework. Different than my former college, I am more involved at STAC.


Question: Can you explain a bit of the transferring process? Was it easy?


Jonathan:To transfer, I applied to the college and then I had to transfer my credits from my old school to STAC. The transfer advisor helped me make my switch in a very organized and easy process. The faculty and staff were very welcoming, and assured me that all of my credits transferred and that I would be on track for graduation.


Question: What are some of the classes that you take here that your former college might not have offered and was beneficial to your major?


Jonathan: Leadership and Supervision, and Organizing and Administrating. These classes will help me perform better in my major.


Question: Did all of your credits transfer?


Jonathan: Yes!


Question: What are some of the programs or organizations that interest you here at STAC?


Jonathan: Business club, career ambassadors, American Marketing Association, Random Acts of Kindness, and I am currently working on a Meals on Wheels project for Rockland County.


Question: Was it easy to make friends and meet new people when coming to STAC?


Jonathan: It was hard at first, but then I started making friends through classes and everyone was very welcoming and accepting.


Question: Is transferring to STAC something that you would recommend to someone who is looking to transfer out of their current school?


Jonathan: Yes, STAC has a lot to offer and is the key to further your education.


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