Life as a Psychology Major


By Donna Heather Klippel

Everybody has their own path. They want to go to medical school, law school, or go to grad school to be a teacher. But we don’t inquire a lot about crossing each other’s paths.

I would like to tell you about what it’s like to be a psychology major. Psychology itself is divided into two parts: the scientific part and the theories of human behavior. I took Statistics and Experimental Psychology and those provide structure as to how research is done. Classes like Adult Psychology and Child Psychopathology explain how and why people act like they do. For example, boys with conduct disorders are more violent than girls with the same diagnosis. In Adult Psychology, a college student may be in moratorium before they discover what they want to do for a living.

A path in psychology divert into many subfields from research developers to clinical psychologists. I’m going for school psychology and I hope to work with elementary school kids. I have a lot of insight being that I have a disability myself. I specifically hope to work with kids with learning disabilities and other conditions. I feel like I really could help a lot of kids that need someone to talk to. I understand there are a lot of problems in childhood with depression, suicide and fitting in at school. Even a parental divorce could really destroy a child’s life and I want to help with that. There are a variety of issues that I would love to help children with and I think I would enjoy it.

I hope that you find a career path that you truly enjoy. Finding the right path is really crucial to success and it will make your life so much better. A good career will make other parts of life more enjoyable. Get on the right track in life and everything else

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