From a Full House to a Fuller House

full house

By Bianca Eugene

More than 20 years ago, we were presented with one of our favorite television families, the Tanners, on the hit show, Full House.

Many of us students weren’t born yet, but we are graced with reruns that are played on Nickelodeon during the weekdays starting at 9:00pm. As much as Full House is near and dear to our hearts, make room for a Fuller House. The Tanners are back!

The spin-off show will be focusing on D.J. raising her own three kids with the help of her sister Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy, says Michelle, played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, will not be on the show. It’s been claimed that Ashley said she doesn’t feel comfortable acting because she hasn’t been active in the acting world since she was 17 years old. Mary-Kate supposedly said that the timing is bad for her and her sister, reports.

Though Michelle won’t be on the show, she will be in our hearts. If you’re interested in watching Fuller House, it will be streaming on Netflix as of February 26th. To watch the trailer of the highly anticipated show, click on the link below.

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