Careless Parenting Leads to Toddler Stuck in Toilet

toddler article


Usually when a couple has a child(ren), they strive to protect and nurture said child. If you were a parent, you would not let anything happen to your child(ren), right? Rashan Cuffee and Justice Chance must not have the same mentality.

Cuffee and Chance, who reside in Ohio, left their 20-month-old son at home, which resulted in him endangering himself. Neighbors heard the toddler crying for more than half an hour and got worried, so they called the police. Predictably, when police arrived, they found the toddler stuck in the toilet, following his use of it. Chance claims that her sister was supposed to be watching her son, but the police believe that she left him to go shopping, which would explain the Walmart shopping bags she was carrying when she arrived back home, according to

The bail was set at $25,250 and $26,000 for Cuffee and Chance. Stark County Department of Job & Family Services currently has short-term guardianship, as the toddler’s parents face jail time states.

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