Letter From the Editor in Chief

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Dear Readers,

It’s hard to believe, but this is the last issue of the Fall 2015 Semester.

I was nervous about how the transition from paper to digital would go, but I’m proud to say that it was a success. We generate well over 100 views per issue, and both faculty and student feedback has been extremely positive. I’m so thankful for my editors, Savannah Finver and Sarah Montello for all their efforts and support throughout the semester.

Most importantly, I need to thank our fantastic and supportive readers. Keep your comments and feedback coming! We are always looking for ways to offer content that both students and faculty want to read.

If you are a student that enjoys writing and reporting, definitely consider joining the Thoma Staff next semester. We always have opportunities for new writers.


Best of luck on finals and happy holidays!

Kind regards,

Jeanine Grillo

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