A Semester Highlight: Comedian, Evan Wecksell





On November 9th, Comedian Evan Wecksell stopped by STAC to engage students in some hilarious comedy.

The event was sponsored by the STAC Comedy Club, who started off the night with a few improv games to get the crowed excited. Sean Feely, president of the comedy club, let the night and introduced students to fun skits like, “Say it Again”, “Sound Effects”, and “Two Line Vocabulary”. Many students gained confidence by jumping on stage and embodying a creative character.

IMG_2979 (1)

After the fantastic opening, Even came on stage to entertain the eager audience. Highlights of the act included “Adult Emo Story” and “Top Ten Things About STAC”. Jokes centered around trips to Nyack, classes, and the woes of living on a small campus. One of the best parts of the night was when the audience got to contribute to madlibs. The parts of speech were compiled into a “Just the Way You Are” song cover.


I had the opportunity to chat with Even in which he told me a few things about his start in comedy. While he considers himself a musician first, his talents quickly led into a promising career in comedy. After college, he was encouraged to get on stage and perform. It has involved a lot of hard work and travel, but Even loves every minute of it. His favorite crowed is college students because it’s easy to get to know them. The audiences are open and positive. Does Evan’s name sound familiar? Not only has he performed at various schools around the country, he has also been seen on VH1, E!, and various podcasts.



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