Madonna’s Emotional Reaction to Paris Attacks


Vincent Walker

The Material Girl showed her true sense of humanity at her concert in Sweden on Saturday night when she gave a speech and spoke through many tears in response to the terror attacks in Paris, France.

Madonna’s speech was as powerful as her performance; Madonna spoke about freedom and guilt saying she felt bad dancing and having fun when people are crying over loss she then stated that giving up is what the terrorists want, adding that she will not let terrorism stop her. She did admit she was considering canceling her show in responses to the terror attacks but chose not to be “shut up” because then the terrorists would have achieved their goals. Madonna went on to say that war and murder are not the answer to terrorism because that is always giving them exactly what they want. Before calling for a moment of silence in respect for the victims and their families, the pop queen asked people to love one another and treat others with respect even though it is hard to love what one can not always understand. When the moment of silence took place all 40,000 fans participated. Madonna then broke the silence to sing “Like a Prayer,” asking the audience to join her. Madonna then emotionally thanked her fans.

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