Watch Out for Hit-and-Runs!



On August 1, 2015, a car accident happened at the ShopRite in Pearl River, which is not too far from us; I happened to be there when it occurred.

A man hit an old lady’s side view mirror, and tried to speed off. Unfortunately for him, as he was trying to escape, he bumped into the sidewalk. Instead of going into reverse, and backing away from the sidewalk, he proceeded to press down on the gas, making a motorcycle-like sound reverberate throughout the parking lot. In the flash of an eye, the man drove on top of the sidewalk, and before you knew it, a loud crash was heard.

When I looked up, I saw the man’s car (on the left in the picture above), smashed into a line of parked cars, and everyone running towards the incident that just had taken place. Later on, by asking other bystanders what happened, I found out that there was a person sitting inside the parked car (on the right in the picture above), and as the man was trying to make a left turn to exit ShopRite, he smashed into the parked cars since he was going full speed, and most likely lost control of the wheel. From this incident, you should learn to always check your surroundings for danger; be alert and ready to take action; and most importantly, be safe.

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