Letter From the Editor in Chief

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Dear Readers,
Hope everyone is surviving midterms.

Keep in mind, you’re half way through! This is usually the time of the semester where I start becoming unorganized. I definitely recommend everyone to take an hour out of their week just to make sure assignments, papers, and other class materials aren’t getting too jumbled or mixed up. Also, it helps to keep in mind all the fun things happening in the coming weeks. Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner, which are two of the best holidays of the year!
I just want to shout out the new Bloomberg Terminals on campus! During my time as a STAC ambassador, I always received questions about the campus having a mock stock market room. When I found out we were building a lab, I was thrilled! It is a huge addition to the School of Business, and I can’t wait to start using the terminals in class.
Have a fantastic Halloween!

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