Less Sleep = More Fat?

Less Sleep = More Fat?



Do you ever wonder why you do not lose weight after months of eating healthy and exercising does not work? It might be because of your sleeping pattern. Think about the time that you go to sleep, and the time you wake up. How much sleep are you actually getting?

According to news12.com, if you want to slim down, you should consider going to bed earlier. A new study says that the later you go to bed, the more weight you gain. Helpguide.org states that older people, (such as teenagers and adults), need seven and a half to eight hours of sleep to properly function.

The New York Times reported that researchers found that, between 1994 and 2009, there was a two-point body mass index (BMI) for every hour later you stay up during the weeknights. This two-point increase is enough to change a person whose weight is typically normal to be overweight or overweight to obese says CBSnews.com.

To avoid this increase in body weight, you should plan out your schedule, and make time to sleep for at least seven hours. If it is Monday and you have something due or something to do by Wednesday, you should start it on Monday and finish it by Tuesday evening instead of doing everything from start to finish Tuesday night. Sleeping late not only affects your weight, but your performance during the day, so try to sleep earlier!

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