Letter from the Editor in Chief

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Hi, Readers!

First and foremost, I cannot thank the students and faculty enough for their kind words and support. The new online Thoma is receiving rave reviews! I couldn’t have done it without my fabulous staff and writing team. I’m so excited to see what’s in store for the Thoma!

One of my favorite parts of the site is the club directory. It allows students to easily find out what clubs are at STAC and who to contact for more info on joining. I’m also so excited for the Thoma to give club leaders an opportunity to customize and find ways to market their club digitally. I was surprised to see how many views each of the club pages were getting, and I’m thrilled that the Thoma offers students an opportunity to find out how to get involved on campus.  

Just a reminder to any faculty or alumni with a passion for writing… The Thoma is open to your publications! Students do like reading the words of wisdom from those who have walked college halls before. Feel free to share your words with us!

I hope everyone is settling into the semester and enjoying the early signs of Fall.


Jeanine Grillo

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