Letter From the Editor in Chief

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My time spent at St. Thomas Aquinas did not fly by as quickly as others might suggest.

Remember how, as a kid, five minutes seemed like an eternity, summer lasted forever, and each season proposed new adventures through the uncharted waters of your life? Each day was a new learning experience, and time seemed to stand still. Well, unlike in high school, that’s how college went for me. Looking back on my pre college education, my highschool years were repetitive, and my four years seemed to fly by without any significance. College proved different, and since my arrival at STAC, I challenged myself beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I started as a nervous freshman uncertain of what the future would hold to a proud finance major who recently finished an internship at a top fortune 100 company. How I got there was not by watching my college years float by. Each semester seemed like a bigger mountain, continuously giving me new heights to climb. But not all was doom, gloom, and struggle. In fact, I loved what I was doing, and couldn’t have asked for a better environment to share my talents with. Each day was unlike the last, and I felt like a kid again, waiting in anticipation for my next adventure.  

My best advice to anyone new or returning to STAC is to make your college years move slow. Keep challenging yourself, meet new people, and think about the future rewards to come. STAC is an extremely supportive environment open to innovation and creativity. I wish you all the best of luck in the 2015-2016 academic year.


Jeanine Grillo

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