It’s not often that people or companies that report the news make the news. Unfortunately on March 20th WABC-TV Channel 7 made national headlines as Lisa Colagrassi, a reporter at the station for 14years passed away from a brain aneurysm, on the way back from her assignment. Her cameraman rushed her to the hospital, flagging down an ambulance on the way; unfortunately she could not be saved. In the days to follow many viewers and reporters from around the country took to social media expressing their grief and showing support for her family at home and her “Eyewitness News Family”. Lisa was only 49 years old and leaves behind her husband and two sons.

This brings a serious issue into the public eye; a brain aneurysm can affect anyone at any age. According to WebMD, a brain aneurysm is a bulging weak area in the wall of an artery that supplies blood to the brain. In most cases, there are no symptoms and it goes unnoticed, however in more rare cases it can rupture resulting in serious injury or death. There is little to do to prevent the causes of brain aneurysms, but you should know if you are more at risk. Factors such as family history, previous aneurysms and race all play major roles. However high blood pressure and smoking, which can lead to hardening of the arteries, are more preventable factors. It is a very scary issue as they usually go undetected, however cat scans and MRIs may help but you never know when the aneurysm might rupture and as stated there is little prevention and anyone is at risk.

Lisa was only 49 years old and people even younger are affected by this everyday, while you live life worrying, it is an important issue to think about. Live your life to the fullest, be happy and don’t stress the little stuff. It’s not worth it, you never know what can happen that will change everything.


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