Warning about Synthetic Marijuana


For the past couple of years, the news has been focused on new strains of Heroin hitting the streets, as well as the increased use of the drug. Now, in the past few weeks, especially, officials are warning people of a form of synthetic marijuana. On the street is being called “spice” or K2.

This drug has been a major problem in New Jersey and is responsible for sending nearly 30 people to the emergency room, according to app.com. Officials do not know what is in the drug, but know it is very powerful and can do some serious stuff to someone who takes it. One person suffered multiple seizures in a row, another person started convulsing and had to be rushed to the hospital. Two people were reportedly put on ventilators after taking the drug. App.com also quoted a health official saying, “It is dangerous stuff that could kill. It is not just a strong form of marijuana.” Two people told the reporter of the article that it causes both mental and physical issues, days after smoking it. It is very scary and you don’t know what is happening. It is important to note that New Jersey out lawed these types of drugs, but they are being sold in stores, disguised as something else. Officials are doing everything they can to get it off the street and out of peoples possession.

With summer approaching and more students being out of school, it is important to say be careful; if you don’t know what something is do not put it in your body. This is serious and has side affects that can be deadly. Everyone goes out, everyone likes to have a good time, but please use caution. Know your surroundings, know what is going on, enjoy yourself and don’t put yourself at risk.

-Tim Herasimtschuk

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